Electrohydraulic column lifts (8500 Kg for column)


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Technical and structural lay-out
  • Lifting by hydraulic pistons equipped with safety valve, which is placed directly inside the cylinders for the accidental breaking of the feeding pipes.
  • Electrohydraulic control system which assures the alignment and the synchronism of the trolleys whatever the distribution of the weight is.
  • Control of the descent speed by hydraulic compensation.
  • Safety mechanical supports at automatic insertion.
  • Descent slow way to allow a correct and precise positioning of the vehicle on the proper supports or stands.
  • Large touchscreen display on the master column to select the functioning way, to visualize the height of the columns, to settle the desired stroke, to visualize messages, functional advices and alarm situations
    (serie US-445).
  • Columns equipped with two high capacity batteries which assure a great autonomy; they are rechargeable by using a standard plug of 220 V (serie US-445).
  • The lift is equipped with a communication system which uses Wireless LAN devices, realized and certified to opérate in industrial field, in particularly critical environment. This assures high safety standards, immunity to troubles and reliability (serie US-445).

Capacity: 8500 Kg

Power: 2 Kw 

Three-phase motor: 400V-50Hz

Weigth: 640 Kg

Optional accessories


Request it at the time of purchase the columns

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