Magnetic drain condensate draining


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Allows the evacuation of condensates. It’s automatic due the mag- netic valve which opened itself through one buoy, when the water reaches a certain level. One time the water has been evacuated, the buoy return to the original position and it closes the valve. Without leaks of compressed air, mechanical working no power su- pply, without filter, maintenance with simple cleaning, high capacity evacuation aluminum body anti-corrosive.

X 300 U - Automatic plug for compressed air, compatible with the most standard connectors

Evacuation: 200 l/h

Max. pressure: 16 Bar

Outlet: G 1/8 internal

* 2 inled connection

(G 1⁄2 internal)


Conection: 1/4” Macho

Weight: 0,104 Kg


Conection: 3/8” Macho

Weight: 0,100 Kg


Conection: 1/2” Macho

Weight: 0,120 Kg


Conection: 1/4” Hembra

Weight: 0,060 Kg


Conection: 3/8” Macho

Weight: 0,108 Kg


Conection: 1/2” Macho

Weight: 0,130 Kg

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