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Piston’s Compressors with Wheels, Transmission by Belt. 3CV. Tank 100L


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Technical characteristics

Sump in only one piece, with a light sloping in “v” shaped for making easier the oil emptied. A layer sealed avoids oil leaks through any existing pinhole. Modulate steel crankshaft, rectified and compensated, with two support points over bearings, reducing in this way the compressor vibrations. Cylinder and valves plates solid modulate steel with a big thickness in order to avoid deformation caused by pressuring temperature. Hard aluminium piston with conical segments and with scraper (3 arcs by piston). In double phase head, high piston is makes in module steel with 4 arcs, with this technology it’s getting a perfect balance between high piston and low piston. Hard aluminium cylinder head of big thickness with flaps enough (up to 30% more), that in other rivals equivalents. Dissipating better the temperature. Grease by splashing with a big dimension needle to facilitate the process. The cylinder head has a practical design for checking, to add or changing oil. Protective metallic belt in two pieces which makes possible changing the two pieces without tools and in a quick way. All compressors have thermal protection or engine preserver. With thermal relay into pressure control (pressure control device).

CV: 3

r.p.m.: 1400

L/min: 345

Bar: 10

Pistons per stage: 2×1

Tank: 100

Weight: 64 Kg

Phase: Monophase

Dimensions: 1000 × 400 × 830 mm

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