Electromechanical 2-post autolifts 3200 Kg


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Technical and structural lay-out

• Electromechanical operating.
• Lifting through trapezoidal turning screws, made of high resistance steel

with fine pitch so that trolleys may become self-braking.
• Completely protected internal sliding trolleys.
• Load-bearing nuts from a special material, to minimise lubrification. • Self-protected safety nuts.
• Monocoque body column structure.
• Four sliding rollers for each trolley, plus four adjustable guide-shoes

guarantee a perfect adhesion and flowability.
• Movement transmission between screws through a chain with electric

antislowing protection, in order to guarantee an operating silentness

and a higher elasticity.
• Over-sized electric motor with thermic overload protection.
• Closed-course electrical system, with low-voltage drives and endstrokes,

“man standing-by” operating.
• Epoxy powder painting.
• Completely pre-assembled frame. • Equipped with anchor small blocks. • Equipped with greasing pump.


Asymmetric model

Low profile

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