Electrohydraulic scissor lifts (Floored models). 5000 Kg.


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Technical and structural lay-out

  • Surface mount and floor flush models.
  • Electro-hydraulic functioning with safety valves to control the descent speed, the overload and any accidental breakage of the feeding hoses.
  • Mechanical rack device on both footboards to ensure the maximum safety.
  • Hydraulic parallelism and synchronized alignment of the platforms independently from the load distribution.
  • Automatic leveling at every single descending phase.
  • Low-pressure hold-to-run control device of the lift to allow the immediate interruption of the lift as soon as control devices are released.
  • Safety sound device and two hand control during the last descending phase.
  • Completely free of any mechanical connections area between runways to allow you to move and work without any restriction.
  • Possibility to install the control box in a different position on demand.
  • Pins with self-lubricating bronze bushes.
  • Delivered with oil for the hydraulic circuit.
  • Delivered with anchor bolts.

Technical and structural lay-out

  • Big play detector plates with a slip-resistant zinc-plated surface.
  • Front slots for rotating plates with a zinc-plated adjustable plate.
  • Rear oscillating double plates with a slip-resistant and zinc-plated surface.
  • Locking and unlocking oscillating plates by pneumatic control on the main control unit.
  • Proximity sensor for an extremely precise parking.


Capacity: 5000 Kg

Power: 4Kw

Three-phase motor: 400V-50Hz

Weigth: 3000 Kg

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