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  • Fast and effective
  • No expensive spare parts
  • State-of-the-art HHO technology
  • Easy maintenance
  • Easy setup
  • Multilanguage "full information display"
  • Cleans 4L motor in just 1/2 hour
  • No aggressive detergents
  • Works with water
  • Works with any engine
  • Minimum maintenance cost
  • Advanced security system
  • Produces 1800 L of HHO in 1 hour.

Not all engines are the same. Our innovative system automatically and accurately calculates the gas flow required based on the capacity of the selected engine. The patent "9x9 RAIDTechnology" ensures that there will be no loss of performance during the life of the machine. Nine independent power motors operate in parallel with 9 independent tanks. These are regulated by a single PCB to redistribute the load if any of the 9 power motors fail, maintaining a constant load of 4 kW and an optimal generation of gasHHO. CAMS (Charge Activated Machine Shutdown) Fail-safe security system that reacts to the variable load of the vehicle's battery. In case the engine stops during the cleaning process, the equipment will turn off automatically, preventing the unused gas from escaping. Thanks to this system, it can be left running without supervision. The "Walk-Away" test allows you to literally leave once the test is set up and started. An audible alarm will be activated at the end of the test cycle and the machine will turn off automatically. This allows the technician to optimize and complete the work time in the workshop.

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