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A-8 Juego 8 polygonal bent wrenches set 6x7 to 20x22mm

C-17 17 Combined wrenches set 6x6 to 22x22mm
F-8 8 Piece metric open end wrenches set 6x7 to 20x22mm
TG-131 Set of 9 long Torx keys with polyhedral tip 1,5 to 10mm
TG-130/09 Set of 9 long allen keys with polyhedral tip 1,5 to 10mm
JAR-148  Professional combination plier 200 mm length - 1000V 
JAR-149  Side cutting professional plier 175 mm - 1000V
JAR-150  Semi round, long mouth professional plier 175 mm - 1000V 
US-122  Vernier caliper 
US-115/3  20 blades feeler gaudes set
US-13/10  Adjustable pressure grip pliers with short concave jaws 42 mm capacity 
US-9/170  Bended nose pliers at 90º for outer Seeger 170 mm 
US-10/170 Bended nose pliers at 90º for inner Seeger 175 mm 
US-11/180  Straight nose pliers for outer Seeger 180 mm
US-12/180  Straight nose pliers for inner Seeger 180 mm
JAR-55  Chisel withot rubber handle
US-1259/3  Adjustable wrenches 10”
US-1239  Adjustable pliers 7 fittings 
US-127/34 Nylon hammer 34 mm 
US-1257/1  Ball peen hammer 450 g 

TG-200/001  Slotted screwdriver 3x75 mm
TG-200/002  Slotted screwdriver 4x100 mm
TG-200/003  Slotted screwdriver 5x75 mm
TG-200/004  Slotted screwdriver 5x100 mm
TG-200/006  Slotted screwdriver 6x38 mm
TG-200/008  Slotted screwdriver 6x150 mm
TG-200/010  Slotted screwdriver 8x200 mm
TG-200/011  Phillips screwdriver Ph 0x75 mm
TG-200/012  Phillips screwdriver Ph 1x100mm
TG-200/013  Phillips screwdriver Ph 2x100 mm
TG-200/014  Phillips screwdriver Ph 2x150mm
TG-200/016  Phillips screwdriver Ph 3x200 mm
TG-200/017  Phillips screwdriver Ph6x38 mm
US-2056  Blow case 108 pieces 1/2” & 1/4” Ratchet wrench sockets & bits set 

• Troley Measures: 465 × 770 × 980
• Empty Weight: 56 Kg
• Full Weight: 75 Kg

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